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Which sentence is correct?
Choose the right prepositions of time I'd like to share some travelling experience ... the past. It was ... February 14, ... 2011.
Write please the sentences with the words "to bike" and "a bike" which were on the picture Day 9.
Finish up the sentence Now will share anything: our personal ...
Explaine what "a half board basis" means.
Find mistakes and correct themI have never been to many country but Netherlands is number one on my bycket list. They say it's worth to see.
Write please Glenda's words from Check-in videoAbed: So, do you have a room here? Glenda: ___________ So, can you check, please?
Write please as many countries which Nate Seltzer names perfectly in TheEllenShow.
How would you say when you're in a taxi, "Відвезіть мене, будь-ласка, за цією адресою."
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